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WebHostingStuff - FAIR & Honest Ranking of Web Hosts

WebHostingStuff ranks web hosts using WHSRank™ - a powerful ranking algorithm that ranks web hosting companies based on the quality of services they had provided to REAL customers.

The main engine behind WHSRank™ are the verified customers reviews published on WebHostingStuff.

WHSRank™ uses these customers reviews to calculate a quality score for each web host. WebHostingStuff only allows real past or present customers of a web host to post reviews. We also maintain a high level of integrity for our reviews using transparent editorial guidelines.

In their reviews, customers rate each web hosts based on quality factors such as:
  • Uptime and service reliability
  • Technical support
  • Customer service

WHSRank™ uses these quality signals to calculate the quality score for each web host. Web hosts are then ranked according to their WHSRank™ quality scores. Other quality signals used by the WHSRank™ algorithm include uptime.

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